Kurowski Development Co. of Littleton, Colorado has been recognized by the NAHB Research Center as a leader in energy-efficient construction. As a winner of a 2010 Silver EnergyValue Housing Award (EVHA) (Cold Climate, Custom Category), Kurowski Development Co. has demonstrated a laudable commitment to building energy-efficient homes.

"An established company that has been committed to energy efficiency since the 1970s, Kurowski Development Co. is "clearly a strong builder whose attention to detail is impressive." The company excelled in its construction process across the board for this winning home. During the design phase, the company has an "excellent process of listening to the client and helping them evaluate options for their budget." Early in the construction process a HERS rater is brought in and many energy-efficiency design details are put onto the plans. After design, the builder has an "excellent process for quality management" to ensure the details are implemented as planned."   (Energy Value Housing Award 2010 Winners)

Michael Luzier, president of the NAHB Research Center said, "EVHA winners are truly pioneers and innovators in high performance home construction. But the beauty of what they do is not in its novelty, but rather in its ability to be applied to mainstream construction across the county. That is especially important in the current economic climate when homebuyers and owners are looking for every opportunity to optimize the value of their home and energy purchases."

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