Testimonials and Ratings

It is so nice to hear you have touched someone else's lives! This email could probably have been sent by every single client you have ever had! I know I think the same thing every time I enter the rooms you expanded for us. Thank you for the work you do that makes people’s lives better.

JKL | Littleton, CO | March 2024

Mike and I wanted you to know how much we have and still are enjoying our home that you built for us almost 23 years ago. Nearly every day we comment on how much we have liked living in our home and in Parker. Pike's Peak greets us daily and nature provides endless entertainment. Our home brings us joy and comfort along with anyone who visits here.

Thank you for the beauty and comfort you have supplied us with in our later years!

Blessings on you now and in the future,

ML & Mike | Parker, CO | February 2024

It's been some time since I thanked you for building such an energy-efficient home about 15 years ago.

As you know, temperatures have dropped here overnight, reaching more than ten degrees below zero.

This morning, starting at 6:45 am, I started tracking the outdoor temperatures each hour and the performance of the 10-zone radiant heating system you installed in this award-winning house.

The number of zones calling for heat at 6:45, 7:45, 8:45, and 9:45 am were 3, 4, 1, and 0, respectively, while the outside temperatures were -7.6, -7.7, -4.5 and 0 degrees F, respectively. The temperature in the insulated but unheated garage remains at 45 degrees.

In my recollection, I had never seen as many as four zones calling for heat in the winter. You will recall that you also installed the ductwork for the AC, should we need it.

The house stays cool in the summer, and there has been no need to install the cooling units.

Thanks again for your mission of building energy-efficient homes. Goodness, as everyone knows, the price of energy has gone through the roof with no end in sight.

It's hard for me to believe why more builders do not follow your lead for this type of construction.

Have a great weekend.

Jon | January 2024

I met with Sarah at their house recently and saw the amazing work that your team did on their project and I wanted to let you know that it was impressive to see the amazing difference in their home.  The home is updated and improved very nicely and the quality of work was easily apparent.  Cheers to a job well done!

Kurt S., Ins. Consultant | February 2023

We are forever grateful and thankful for the home you built for us. We could never express enough how much your building ethics and client appreciation means to us. We take great comfort and peace of mind knowing we selected the best builder for our home. Thank You!

Patrick & Sarah M. | Arvada, CO | 2023

Likely To Recommend
Strongly agree - We were impressed with both the very high quality workmanship and the communications transparency, especially during a time period in which supply chain and workforce issues were so prevalent.

Types of work
High end custom kitchen remodel

Agree - The schedule did slip on multiple occasions for understandable and usually explained reasons such as sourcing challenges.

Agree - It's hard to judge accurately, but the project came in on our agreed budget.

Recognized Excellence
We were extremely pleased with our project manager. He was typically quite transparent in his communications, providing us with schedule updates or other explanations as appropriate. He was also very easy to work with in spite of some of the sourcing challenges.

Areas Of Satisfaction
We chose a less common path of hiring our own kitchen designer prior to hiring KCH. This ultimately caused some additional challenges for the project manager, both in the incomplete early specifications and several incorrectly specified cabinet dimensions. We were impressed and pleased with how he addressed the former issue (by working with an architect to resolve some measurement errors before construction) and John handled the latter issue (coordinating with the cabinet maker to take financial responsibility for the cost of addressing the specification errors).

Bob & Michelle | Denver, CO | December 2022

Recognized Excellence
I would like to recognize the carpenters for their exceptional service.

Areas For Improvement
Kurowski Custom Homes and Remodeling did not fall short of my expectations

Areas Of Satisfaction
Overall, Kurowski Custom Homes and Remodeling exceeded my expectations.

Additional Comments
This was a wonderful experience.

L&J | December 2022

Recognized Excellence

Additional Comments
We love our new bathroom!

Megan | December 2022

In 2004, when we moved back to Colorado, we wanted to build a warm, welcoming home, one that greeted guests the minute they entered our foyer.  We wanted to provide a place where they wanted to stay.

Kurowski  Custom Homes did just that.  They led us through the process of creating an enchanted, old world French mountain cottage with hand troweled walls, stone fireplaces, window seat nooks, and alder wood floors, cabinetry, and casement windows throughout the home.   

Now, almost twenty years later, the uncompromising Kurowski quality of construction has been evident every day, from the careful placement of the home on our property, to the choice of a rugged roof underlayment to furniture quality millwork in even the floor baseboards.  After almost 20 years living here, not one creak has ever been heard anywhere.

John Kurowski built us a welcoming home, one that will be still standing a hundred years from now, and will still be warmly inviting guests inside, to a place they will want to stay.

David & Janice B. | Parker, CO | November 2022

Thank you so much for sharing. You guys do fantastic work, what a transformation indeed!

John S., Senior Vice President, Bank | August 2022

WOW -- I’m impressed!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL home you made out of just an ordinary house. The light and brightness is spectacular.

Karen | Denver, CO | August 2022

Middle of project survey results

Project Management
Agree - Schedule concerns is the only reason this isn’t 5 stars

Project Management Problem Resolution
Agree - Problem resolution with the architect and engineer hasn’t gone as well as hoped – Our project manager has been great to work with on issues and matters that I have raised

Project Manager Communication
Strongly agree – Our project manager is very responsive

Fred & Wendy E. | Parker, CO | March 2022

1. Likely To Recommend
- Strongly agree

2. Types of work
Home Remodel

3. Clean
- Strongly agree

4. Safe
- Strongly agree

5. Respectful
- Strongly agree

6. Communication
- Strongly agree

7. Quality Of Materials
- Strongly agree

8. Quality Of Workmanship
- Strongly agree

9. Problem Resolution
- Strongly agree

10. Professional & Organized
- Strongly agree

11. Schedule
- Neutral

12. Value
- Agree

13. Sales Knowledge
- Strongly agree

14. Design
- Strongly agree

92% Satisfaction

Jenny M. | February 2022

Sandy had a very hard time parting with our Frisco house; we loved it that much. Thanks again for having been such a caring builder!

Hans | December 2021

Thanks so much, Carol. We love our remodeled house! We’re so thankful we got it done before the pandemic. Take care..

Craig & Allyson | November 2021

I always tell folks that of all the builders I have worked with, you are number one in quality, service, etc.

Kirk S., Architect | August 2021

We are so pleased with the work that has been done. It is fair to say you have exceeded our expectations.

Doug | May 2021

We have worked with Kurowski Remodeling for two different projects and have always been impressed with not only the finished product, but the process as well. Our remodels have been beautifully done with high quality products and craftsmanship. They have an attention to detail that gave us great peace of mind. We didn’t have to worry about anything. We explained our vision and they took care of everything. They communicated well about pricing and other details. Highly recommend!

Kristin L. | Denver, CO | April 2021

Professional from beginning to end of project, which was started and finished on time showing incredibly high workmanship. Highly recommend!

Terry R. | Morrison, CO | March 2021

Recognized Excellence

D. Cline | March 2021

Likely To Recommend
Strongly agree - They were highly reliable, do what they promised on time, and support in additional troubles or questions.

Recognized Excellence
Everyone did extremely well!

Areas Of Satisfaction
The fireplace was not straight and he did a great job straightening that out. To find someone who could work with my design and bring it to life was very lucky. He put quality, standards, and life into my project!

Irina | Englewood | February 2021

This was our first major remodel and our only experience with a contractor. We feel lucky to have worked with Kurowski Custom Homes and Remodeling. We love our new space!

Gregg S. | Littleton, CO | January 2021

Condition of Home
Strongly agree - Appreciated having professional cleaners come in and clean.

Quality Of Workmanship
Strongly agree - There are a few small issues only. Examples: paint running, paint uneven in bath, door split from screws, door corner slightly damaged. But I am picky. Many people would not see some of these issues.

Strongly agree - If there was a question, experts were brought in.

Problem Resolution
Strongly agree - The one issue involved a wrong door and it was resolved with minimal emotional damage.

Strongly agree - A written schedule would have been nice.

Strongly agree - Do not know about value but a good was done for a fair price.

Likes & Dislikes
The one room that has not been remodeled is so outdated by comparison with the rest of the house that it needs to be done. And also since I love my house, and with Covid promoting more outdoor socializing, I now want to update my outdoor living space. Carpet could have been better installed.

Recognized Excellence
Paul. He is very smart, thoughtful, and conscientious. A model craftsman.

Areas For Improvement
The project manager who is no longer at Kurowski, asked many questions during the day. He needs to learn to ask multiple questions at once instead of many interruptions during the day. PM also was so concerned about moving project along that he chose a young crew for carpet installation. They did not do a good job. He should have waited until a good crew was available.

Areas Of Satisfaction
Planning was extensive and detailed.

Additional Comments
Going through the remodel was HELL. However, I love my result.

Dr. Mark S. | January 2021

Condition of Home
The end result was beyond our expectations. We are very pleased.

Quality Of Materials
The quality of the materials used was determined by the decisions we made after Kowalski people took us through the choices and costs. Their advice to these decisions was very helpful.

Problem Resolution
Out lining the different solutions as well as the complexities and costs of each alternative.

John F. | Aurora, CO | November 2020

Likes & Dislikes
The quality of the craftsmanship. Everywhere I look I see the highest level of attention to detail and durability.

Recognized Excellence
The Project Manager: He worked tirelessly to make sure we were getting the best thing for our family. His ability to work between the subs and us was key to the project. Through the process he became so close to my family that my kids regularly still ask how he is doing.

Areas For Improvement
Communication was sometimes strained. Having never built a custom home before, I would imagine that some portion of that was the result of my lack of experience and having different expectations of the process than I should have. There were times I wish I would have known things sooner.

Areas Of Satisfaction
Again, quality. Being a person who is detail oriented and somewhat of a perfectionist, I have no doubt that there isn't any other building that could match the quality. This house will stand the test of time.

Patrick & Sarah M. | Arvada, CO | November 2020

We love every inch of our Kurowski home. After 13 years!

Ed & Jo Ann | April 2020

As we discussed, Kay and I are moving back into Denver after living 23 years in our beautiful mountain home built by Kurowski Development. We have felt every day that we were on holiday in our home. It has stood the test of time with few, if any, changes in the original house. We look forward to our next "chapter" living back in Denver, but this will always be our special mountain home.

Bryan & Kay | February 2020

My Tuesday, February 11, 2020, went from a good day to an exceptional day. To this day, I believe you are the epitome of a professional builder. You just happen to be a genuine and honest person!

Steven C., Architect | Centennial | February 2020

Thank you to all! We are so pleased with all the labor that went into executing Andrea’s wonderful design for our retirement retreat. God Bless! 

Randy & Sue | September 2019

We wanted to thank you all for a outstanding experience we had in the remodel of our property.

This project was not as easy as it could have been. Our difficulty was to manage this project while we live on the other side of the country. However due to the exceptional communications and weekly reporting by Team Kurowski there were never any delays or misunderstandings. We started with a comprehensive project outline, flowchart and finishing date. We ended up with everything achieved we wanted, never exceeded projected costs and on time. We had the best experience on this project we ever had in any of our home building or remodel endeavors. Along the way we received great guidance and options to ensure our project would be finished to our expectations. Team Kurowski went out of there way to ensure we were informed at all stages and that our project would be finished to our expectation. The result was phenomenal and the transformation so much better then we could have hoped for. The quality of the craftsmen used is reflected in the end result.

We have worked with many contractors in the past, John Kurowski is one of the best we ever had the pleasure to work with.

Bettina | May 2019

Hello, John. Still enjoying the house you built for us after 18 1/2 years!!! Appreciate your continuing support of the fine home you built for us.

Mike | March 2019

Everything is still perfect. The heating mat works well and as expected. We obviously have a couple of cold spots along the edges, but we knew that when we put it in. Everything else works well too (pocket and sliding door, switches etc.) we are still very happy how it turned out.

Boris & Shannon | September 2018

Thanks for sending this along (link to website photos). I’m sure this is something the owners will be very happy to have. The project is coming along nicely. You guys are doing a great job out there. I will pass it along to my colleagues as well.

AnnMarie, Banker | May 2018

Thanks also for taking the time to meet with us this afternoon. We absolutely love how our home is turning out, and am more excited about it each time we see it. Thank you for all the work you and your team are putting into it!

Jen & Mike | May 2018

I just wanted to thank you all for a job well done. We love our new space and are very happy how it turned out. Paul did an excellent job managing everything. He was very considered, professional and consciences. Also Carlos did a great job with all the different tasks he had with the project. They both tried really hard to keep the dirt at a minimum and we appreciate that they kept protecting our floors and walls that weren’t part of the project.

Paul did also a great job bridging the gap after Bill left and we understand it was not easy. There were a couple of items that were not discussed in enough details, which we later had to work out. On top of that, some things got discovered through the remodel that had to be changed, or we made some adjustments as we saw fit as the project progressed. Of course that usually adds time and money to the project, but we expected that.

There will be eventually another stage in our remodeling plans and I hope we can work together on that.

Boris & Shannon | October 2017

I still refer to the wonderful house you built us 22 years ago as our "new house!"

Susan S. | Arapahoe County | April 2017

We had Kurowski remove a wall in our house, widen a doorway, move heating and return air, and move/add electrical outlets and switches. They did a fantastic job! Our project manager is an extremely nice guy. He went out of his way to meet our needs, and we felt like we could trust him. The framers are also Kurowski employees - they are very professional and worked nonstop on our framing. Kurowski also had to arrange for an electrician, an HVAC worker, and a drywall company to help with the project. We had good experiences with all of these trade contractors. The project turned out perfect, and it passed all inspections - all within the price we were quoted. Thanks Kurowski Development!

Janel | July 2016

You guys have been amazing. It’s like night and day from our previous experience, and it’s been so nice working with people we trust and who we know are looking our for our best interests.

I know we’ve both been very impressed with how you always keep us up to date with what is going on and the detail and quality of the work so far.

Thanks again!

Jessica & Ryan | March 2016

I had a very unique experience recently at my first visit to one of John’s traditional open houses where he brings together the owners of the home, colleagues, clients as well as the professionals who built and brought the project to its successful completion. Not only was there the opportunity to appreciate the physical and esthetic qualities, thoughtful design and attention to all the details but getting the ‘back story’ from John’s clients themselves. From my extensive conversations with these home owners it was so apparent to see how John was able to so impressively address the successful integration of the site selection, building components, functionalities as well as environmental sensitivities – all culminating in a really stunning new home.

Art B. | Greenwood Village, CO | 2016

First of all, thank you so much for all of the work you've both done for this project. We really enjoy working with you and are thankful for your close attention to the many details of this house.

Emily & Justin | November 2015

Thank you to the Kurowski team for being so attentive, focusing on the details and executing at such a high level. It makes a huge difference and it shows!

David B. (Architect) | May 2011

We just wanted to say THANK YOU for making such amazing changes to our home! Having the windows properly sealed and the proper insulation has dramatically helped with the heating of our home. It is such a wonderful feeling of being able to come home at any point and not have to worry about how we are going to warm up the house.

We are also amazed at the lack of dust in the air and what a difference it has made for Del’s asthma.

The basement turned out so well that it actually feels like a different home! We are finally able to have the movie room that we always wanted.

The crews that worked on our home were professional and great to work with! Thank you for everything!

M&D | Pine | March 2011

You are a breath of fresh air to the building science community in that you apply sound building science principles that allow your homes to surpass the rest in energy, comfort, durability and beauty.

Francisco, Energy Rater | Denver, CO | 2009

I wanted to quickly write and congratulate you on a beautiful house. Gary, myself, and others from the office attended the open house a few weeks ago and were very impressed with how everything is turning out. We all agreed the spaces felt comfortable and were happy to see the built house exceeding our expectations. Also, you should be very confident in the quality of your new home - John Kurowski and his team are doing an amazing job. Viewing the photos on his website has been a regular activity in the office and we have found the passion, care and quality John put into the house refreshing and inspirational.

Paul B., Architect | Centennial, CO | 2009

It was a pleasure to return home from our trip yesterday morning and know that all the work was complete and our home looks lovely! We will definitely consider your company again should we have future projects and would recommend Kurowski without hesitation.

Lori & Scott | Arvada, CO | 2009

As I told John Y when he stopped by a while back, we’re doing particularly well thanks to the renovation. The house is great, and every chance we get we tell people about your company. We're grateful on a daily basis for the great job the crew did on the house.

Jim | Denver, CO | 2009

Our experience with the KDC family has been wonderful - and the journey was great all along the way. Many folks contributed toward helping us achieve our dream home.

Anne | Arvada, CO | 2009

I walked the house on Friday, and was very impressed with the progress to date. The quality of work and attention to detail you have demonstrated has done justice to this great house. I am sure K. and L. are very happy. I am always confident that when I have completed a design and the associated drawings, you will complete my vision with quality and integrity.

Kirk S., Architect | Denver, CO | 2008

24 years in your house and loving it! Thank you!!

John V. | Littleton, CO | 2008

Most of all we thank you for our incredible new home. This has been our dream for many years, and it is everything we had hoped for and more. Every day we appreciate the solid construction and the beautiful interior and fine finishes…Thank you so very much for our beautiful new Kurowski home, and for making our dream come true. It was such a pleasure to work with you and all the people associated with KDC, and we thank you every day.

Ken & Laura | Conifer, CO | 2008

I would like to express that the working relationship we as a trade contractor have with Kurowski Development is outstanding. The excellence that you and Marilyn and your staff, John Y, and Carol is far and above the norm. Everyone is very professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable.

H.W. | 2008

Congratulations on such a well-deserved award - But they really didn’t have to vote on this - they could have just called me and I would have told them "You're The Best" !!!

Rick C. | Parker, CO | 2007

Kurowski surpassed our expectation in terms of communications during the building process; the quality of their work; their attention to detail and their complete honesty about every situation and detail.

Ed & Joann H. | Keystone, CO | 2007

My wife and I have been very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the Kurowski organization and all of it's employees and would highly recommend them to our friends and if need be we would use their services again.

Mike H. | Littleton, CO | 2007

Our builder is wonderful.

Susan & Will | Lakewood, CO | 2005

It has been the best house we have ever owned. If we have any problems, Mr. Kurowski takes care of them right away.

Karen & Todd | Lakewood, CO | 2005

We applaud John Kurowski, who is a very talented and dedicated leader in the residential construction industry. Kurowski Development's long record of outstanding success speaks for itself due to their commitment to providing high quality products, beautiful design features, and superb customer rewards. We fully support the Built Green Program and admire Mr. Kurowski's courageous - yet often controversial - struggles and achievements. Even after 30 years of major successes and numerous appointments and awards, John remains humble and selfless in pursuing and implement the cause. Maybe his perseverance more that the end result speaks best to John's nature. We appreciate this opportunity for John to further educate the public and the industry on conserving the earth's precious resources. Bravo John - we believe that you are achieving so much more than "...just doing your part..."

Geri S. | Denver, CO | 2004

My wife Jackie and I have been subscribers to CH&L for years and enjoy your magazine very much. We especially appreciated the article on John Kurowski and the Built Green movement that you published in your most recent issue. In an era where glitz and high cost frequently are confused with true quality in high-end housing, Mr. Kurowski's dedication to intelligent and ecologically-friendly design and construction is both admirable and worthy of the attention you gave him in your article.

James B. | Frisco, CO | 2004

Dear John:
Thank you for your kind note. I appreciate it enormously.

While watching Kitty's alma mater, Kansas, go down in defeat in the NCAA Tournament, we had a "Kurowski Moment" with Mark and Sydney, and Ferd and Christy, who had purchased the home that you built on the corner.

We were all talking about how happy and proud we were to be owners of Kurowski homes. You were toasted and, as always, your future homeowners can call your "band of Kurowskiites" in Lowry for a reference!

John, I wish you continued success as well and please call me at any time if I can be of service to you. Very truly yours,

Tim S. | Denver, CO | 2004

From the looks of the drawing on the invitation, the beauty of the new model is classic with John's expertise and class. We still, however, believe that the home John built for us is the most beautiful home in the world.

Laura | Parker, CO | 2003

I recently heard of your "2003 Winner for Custom Builder, Front Range Region" Award. I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and your team. Energy efficiency is a high priority, especially with the cost of energy expected to rise this winter season. Your commitment to improving Colorado's quality of life and environment is commendable. Congratulations and best wishes!

Tom Tancredo, Member of Congress | Washington D.C. | 2003

I often tell friends how smart our house is: with the large eaves, it stays cool in the summer, and with the lower sun in winter, we get plenty of heating to not require the heaters during daytime. Well done!

Hans & Sandy | Frisco, CO | 2002

I thought I would pass on a compliment you and your team received this week while I was visiting the sales office. In speaking with Rick he said that both he and Mike had been over to our home. They both feel it is one of the finest homes ever built in the community. He went on to say that Kurowski Development is a premier builder and can meet any challenge. I couldn't agree more!

Tim B. | Greenwood Village, CO | 1997

Thank you for the photo album. We love it! It is on of the many special details you have done for us that has made building our home a pleasant experience.

Kim & Brad | Douglas County, CO | 1996

Congratulations! This is one of the highest (out of more than 300) Home Energy Rating scores ever received by Energy Rated Homes of Colorado. This is the highest Rating I have had the pleasure of performing out of over 100 that I have completed.

Neal P., Energy Rater | Denver, CO | 1993

After living in our new home for the last three months and getting to know your craftsmen while they build out the downstairs, we thought it might be appropriate to tell you our impressions. As I come from a family of contractors, engineers and architects I think I can state unequivocally that you and your crew represent one of the best teams around. Your ability to listen, understand and then implement on a timely basis are an attribute not too many contractors have accomplished. Your foreman is among the finest. He is an inspiration to me as I see him coordinate the work efforts of all the subcontractors, never forgetting all the details and never giving up until the job is done correctly.

Rick & Peggy | Greenwood Village, CO | 1992

Our Firm has had the pleasure of working with Mr. John Kurowski of Kurowski Development over the past five years. During that time we had many occasions to work closely with John and his superintendents on projects that involved both companies. As Architects, we have found that John's knowledge and the knowledge of his superintendents of the construction industry was a great asset in completing the projects on time, within budget, and with a very high degree of professionalism. The quality of wok completed by John and his staff is exemplary, and speaks well of not only his organization, but the whole design and construction team required to complete the project.

C.J. | Aurora, CO | 1989

Pursuant to my sending you the energy audit chart last week, be advised that based on my calculations, I have found my energy costs to be just about the same for my home at 5 Silver Aspen which has 4,600 square feet as that for the condominium I previously owned in Lakewood which had 950 square feet.

Randy F. | Ken Caryl Ranch, CO | 1986